68 martyrs in 4 days in Jdedet Artouz (in Damascus’s Western Suburbs) – 19/4/2013

Greater Syria






[Report composed by the Syrian Revolution Commission]



For unknown reasons (likely to be due to the liberation of Jdedet Artouz), the regime’s forces have severely escalated their campaign against Jdedet Artouz town in the western suburbs of Damascus for the past 4 days up until now. According to an eye-witness from Al Mazzeh Coordination, massive reinforcements, which included 17 trucks (9 of them driving tanks and 8 of them driving BMB vehicles), ambulance cars, and buses carrying Shabiha (thugs) forces headed to Sehnaya barrier located right beside the entrance of Jdedet Artouz. Cars coming from Damascus were forced to go back to where they came from and no one was allowed into or out of the area.

The regime’s forces specially concentrated their escalation against Al Muwali district. According to eye-witnesses too, the regime’s forces and Shabiha (thugs) stormed several houses and killed…

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