After 40 odd years .. #Syria


Well today was interesting 🙂

Things that stand out in the Arab League meeting today (other than the fact the Assad government are no longer represented there) is the lack of female participation and role – if in a meeting as such there were less than 5 women as far as I could see representing the entire Arab world, this reflects the make up of their governments back home. Really sad.

Also the people representing their countries showed so little interest in their Well when another representative made comments or a speech regarding their particular country, they were busy talking to one another or on their phones. Despite the fact their people are suffering (for example Palestine) and these men are at the meeting (supposedly) to represent their people.

Majority are old men nearing their end who refuse to move on or give their seat up to a new generation who will run their countries better.

In summary, Arabs have issues and for the first time today … a representative (Sheikh Moath Alkhatib) spoke at the Arab League meeting only regarding his people’s wants and needs .. And he advised the other leaders to better their relationships with their people and free those detained for difference of opinion or politics .. And he had a woman on one side and a Christian on the other side and a Kurd behind him ..

For the first time Syria was the best represented and most well spoken at a *usually* useless meeting .. Finally .. After 40 odd years .. We pray for the best

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