Regime shelling one of the last safe areas in #Homs province – very urgent

What’s happening to my city in Syria right now is something else..hasn’t happened as bad for a long time…the government is shelling one of the last safe areas housing its own civilians and thousands upon thousands of displaced people including family and friends. Fires are left and right, people running in the night with no where to go as they already fled their homes. The government is disgusting, the government is still backed and supported by many.

Whatever it feels or thinks about what is going on, shelling a densely populated area with over 300000 civilians crammed into buildings as most are homeless already, is beyond sick. I choose to watch my neighborhood be shelled down as most people left it, than watch an area housing homeless women, kids, elderly be shelled. Where do they all go? The regime is trying to empty an entire province…Like for example emptying London…By using missiles and planes and helicopters and tanks. One of the last safe areas is now hit, where do these people go if Hezbollah are blocking access to refugees trying to cross from Homs to Lebanon? And going from Homs to Damascus is dangerous and Damascus is already a war zone. Where do the Syrians go. I wish we had an answer.

Homs is trapped from all sides, and the regime is not asking if you are pro or anti, it’s an all out war against every life, stone, tree and animal to empty Homs province and keep it for safety – to keep the regime in power.

So awful and heartbreaking, imagining civilians running now with no where to go. So sad.

3 thoughts on “Regime shelling one of the last safe areas in #Homs province – very urgent

  1. why you do not go and fight for your country. I guess you live in the west and support the islamist in syria. You would also not go to syria when the so called freedom rebels would rule syria. The west I guess is confortable for you. The west treat you moslems as you deserve.
    Cry like a women and maybe you get one dollar from the west

    • I’m a female thus fighting doesn’t fit my dictionary and my name is on the death list if I return. Thanks for passing by. You are very educated on the system in Syria, clearly.

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