#Syria – 2 years..

It’s come to 2 years, 2 years ago many of our lives changed. Syria changed. It was beautiful with some pain. Now it’s blood and so much pain as a country is ripped apart. Women raped daily as well as girls men and young boys. Homes are demolished with over 2 million people internally displaced and over 1 million seeking refuge in many countries of them Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and others. The medical and education systems are destroyed.

Syria was everything to me growing up and the last 2 years shaped who I am and changed my life.

My family never said a word for 40 odd years under a brutal regime because of fear which was wrong, however 2011 and 2012 and 2013 has left them entirely displaced with some dead and some on prison. I miss them.

Tables turned and times changed. We will never forget the peaceful revolution before it turned armed for protection and defence. We will never forget there is still a non-violent movement going on.

I can’t sleep because of the hundreds of thousands under torture and rape in Syrian prisons. Can’t focus because of the mass rape attacks and kids screaming of pain.

I love you Syria forever despite the blood and pain, your people are from the most amazing and we will rebuild Syria and we will move on and work together even if it takes time.

Syria can’t die..it can’t finish..we will all die and Syria will stay standing.. A beautiful historical loving welcoming kind generous country .. Inshallah Khair .. 2 years and counting

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