After 40 odd years .. #Syria

Well today was interesting 🙂 Things that stand out in the Arab League meeting today (other than the fact the Assad government are no longer represented there) is the lack of female participation and role – if in a meeting as such there were less than 5 women as far as I could see representing […]

Materials used to torture on arrival and during stay in branches. #Syria

From a previous detainee in Syria: Upon arrest they are tied up and their eyes covered. Upon arrival to the branch they are beaten with batons, cables and whips. Hitting upon arrival included on the chest which forced the young man to fall back (onto those who had fallen behind him due to torture). ————————————— […]

Torture method: The wheel. #Syria

The wheel. Previous detainees in Syria described how they were forced to push their head and neck as well as their legs through a car tore thus leading to their paralysis so they cannot protect themself from the coming beating on the head and back using batons, cables and whips. Some did have to enter […]