speechless once again

Greater Syria

Yet another massacre committed by the regime’s forces that words stand utterly speechless to describe. Civilians found dumped along Quwaik River in Aleppo, their blood leaking on the sidewalk after being moved by civilians who reportedly have taken them to Al Zurour hospital. Have scenes of Humans lined up, dead, tortured, mutilated, and drowning in their own blood so common? How can anyone accustom him/herself to such appalling atrocities being committed against humanity itself, not against Syrians solely. A few days ago, Aleppo University was bombarded and more than 80 students, my age, were killed whilst doing their own exam. Today, more civilians executed and dumped on streets in residential areas between children, women, and elderly, in one long assembly of lifeless bodies. The area must be packed with so many families now, checking if their missing beloved ones are amongst the martyrs. And for one second, imagine how distressing…

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