I miss my family.. #Homs #Syria

Another day ends and I’m one day closer to my masters exams that begin this week, exams that sort of determine my career. What’s weird is I’m not afraid or driving my family mad with tears, not worried, I revise when I can and I’m taking it easy..when I think why am I so relaxed I can’t get it, I’m meant to be freaking out?

Then I realise, what is my exam comparing to everything happening to Syria? Or even the world as a whole? If I look at just my family some dead, some dead in recent days, some detained, some refugees, some trapped and some running from bombs..how can I even compare or even feel stressed about my life..just today my cousin fled her house as 3 shells dropped almost killing her and her kids in Homs…

We, safe outside, are living in a bubble…we are sort of like servants to the masters but we don’t realise it…our lives in the west, however hard or easy, have made us so fake, artificial and pathetic really as humans…

But the people in Syria, and the likes, are living reality…they’re the ones gaining from this world not me…they’re the winners in my eyes…I dedicate my exams, results and donate my degree to them…to my country which I hope to help rebuild..I can only pray and hope.

I miss my family more than words can describe. Never take family for granted, I’ve been prevented from both mother and fathers side for 2 years now.. tell the people you love – you love them. Keep close ties with family, you never know when it will be taken away in a blink.

Rose x

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