Greater Syria

[report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission]

6th day of siege and bombardment – 3 martyrs up until 7:00 p.m [Syria time]

The military campaign against these 3 areas continues to target them for the 6th day in a row. Spy planes hovered at a low altitude over the area whilst MEG23 warplanes launched airstrikes, targeting residential houses. The areas that have been targeted are:

1] Jobar

2] Kufrayah

3] Al Nuqairah

4] Al Rabe’ah

5] Tal Al Shour

6] Hadeedeh


The Free Syrian Army continues to fight back the regime’s forces’ tireless and continuous attempts to invade and take control of the area. New reinforcements have been spotted in several parts of Homs, including military vehicles and artillery.


–Bombardment on Kufrayah:



The escalation and savagery of the bombardment forced many families, both residents and formerly displaced, to take shelter in asylums that…

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