#Syria #Homs – Situation is dire as injuries still trapped for 4th day without aid and over 30000 at risk

Urgent: Media or human rights groups: Baba Amr media team:

We have 2 activists inside Jobar/Kafr Aya covering regime attack for 4 days now which has led to over 40 dead and over 100 injured, the activists speak only Arabic but can help cover the humanitarian situation as well as the shelling and also the field hospital situation as untreated injuries are over 50 including women and children. These areas lie next to Baba Amr and they’re the same activists who were there last year before being pushed out and same medics too. The areas hold around 30000 civilians who are trapped and now hiding in underground bunkers. We tried to send aid but we couldn’t so this is basically another attempt to take over all these areas. FSA are pushing back regime forces but the situation is dire.

Kindly email if you would like to help cover the story to raise awareness or help in any way rose.alhomsi@gmail.com and I can connect you with our team and help with whatever details are needed.

For those who do not know what Baba Amr is, here is a rough idea:

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