Regime continues to wipe out Jobar, Kafr Aya and surrounding areas. #Homs #Syria 20-22/01/2013

The barbaric regime attack and complete wipe out of civilians and homes in Jobar, Kafr Aya, Alsultaniyeh as well as the execution of civilians in Alnuqeira and Tal Alshor has continued for the 3rd day running. However, the international silence is deafening. People watch on as a 2nd Baba Amr takes place. For those who do not know Baba Amr, revise the Syrian revolution and you will know what that area was, what the regime did to it and what is happening now…All so the regime can keep control of it.

Our media team had their home brought down by a Meg-warplane as they were out filming to document, they survived. Now they fled to another part of Jobar sharing a laptop with 1 activist who stays there. We have lost touch with many activists and many Free Syrian army fighters have been martyred defending the areas and keeping the regime from storming. However, the regime has got to sides of Jobar into Kafr Aya which is 100% internally displaced civilians who fled from Jobar/Baba Amr/Alsultaniyeh/Alnuqeirah from shelling and also fled execution. The regime has executed many families in an attempt to cause civilians to flee and leave Kafr Aya for regime to run it and have double access to Jobar. Some of my family did flee Kafr Aya, not prepared to have their women raped in front of them or be burnt alive, but some remain. Some family remain in Jobar trapped and we have no news. Some remain on the outskirts of Jobar between regime forces, knowing they may be raided and killed at any point. We will never forgive.

I started this blog 1 year ago to bring out the screams of Baba Amr my beloved, the 1st area in Syria to witness such brutal attack, taken by regime in 3 weeks..I started this blog to report on the brutal massacre the regime committed in my village Jobar next to Baba Amr where there was NO Free Syrian Army, everyone was unarmed. The regime forces brought in thugs from Aysoun [a nearby Shi’ite area] and they raped and looted and executed and detained from our family and family friends. We lost many in that massacre, and since that day most family became displaced while others joined the Free Syrian Army to defend their families/lands/homes/country. 
Below are names of the martyrs over the last few days, sadly connection is weak to the area so this is what we have managed to receive and the field hospital is not coping with the many injuries and lack of medical equipment and also surgeons as many are doctors but not surgeons. 
An activist from the Baba Amr media team who is still inside Jobar, a friend, reported that as one of them was filming the destruction he heard “ya Allah” “ya Allah” “oh God” “oh God” coming from the rubble, he realised there was someone still alive he had been under there for 2 days. FSA came to help remove him, his home hit by warplanes, they also found another man alive. In the video taken on 21/03/2013, the FSA are seen removing bodies, they ask how many are under and are informed around 15. 
Videos today: 22/01/2013:
–Warplanes continue to cause mass destruction with people still trapped beneath
–Strange missiles fired onto Jobar
Martyrs in Homs from these areas today also include: 22/01/2013: Abu Fadi Alghantawi, Hani Andulaleem Bakaar and his son Abdulaleem Hani Bakaar and Mohamad Awad Alshamali [identified as the unknown from yesterday] – all due to regime shelling. Also martyrs Bilal Alsaloumi, Khaled Darwish, Mohamad Sabouh and Ghiyath Alrifai while defending Jobar and areas around.
Martyrs yesterday for Homs, 21/01/2013 were mostly from the attack on Kafr Aya and Jobar:
  1. Abdulateef Alsibai – Kafr Aya – Married with 2 kids – Regime fire as he defended the area
  2. Talal Hashem Aboud – Jobar – Regime fire as he defended area
  3. Mustafa Kajk – Baba Amr – Regime fire as he defended Jobar
  4. Bilal Janseez – Baba Amr – Regime fire as he defended Jobar
  5. Atef Alkan – Baba Amr – Regime fire as he defended Jobar
  6. Talal Bakeer –  Baba Amr – Regime fire as he defended Jobar
  7. Khaled Junblat – Jobar – Regime fire as he defended Jobar
  8. Azo Alloz – Jobar – Regime fire as he defended Jobar
  9. Ahmad Alqestlawi – Jobar – Regime fire as he defended Jobar
  10. Yahya Alsorani – Kafr Aya – Regime shelling on refugee area
  11. Female Reem Alshamali – Kafr Aya – Regime shelling on refugee area
  12. Mohamad Alhamwi – Kafr Aya – Regime shelling on refugee area
  13. to 17. 5 family members of Bothan family burnt alive. Mother, father and 3 kids – Kafr Aya – Regime attack. They were from Jobar seeking refuge in Kafr Aya.


Martyrs from 1st day attack, 20/01/2013 are found here:


Videos can be followed on these 3 channels:

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