Dr Mohamad shows an entire family burnt to death, as he treats a regime thug at the same time..Jobar #Homs #Syria 21/01/2013

Regime forces continue their brutal attack on the outskirts of Jobar storming homes, executing and burning. Yesterday my fathers cousin and her daughter were executed and her elderly husband was dragged away. They remained in their homes choosing death over running away. Today, the Bothan family..A father, mother and their 3 children..were burnt alive as regime try take all surrounding areas to Jobar in Homs, Syria. Many others are expected to be executed but not yet found.

The field hospital has over 50 urgent medical cases that need treatment, as you can see from the field hospital channel shared, it is a basement with very little aid.

Note: Dr Mohamad is seen at the start treating a regime thug – Shabeeh – From Tartous who was injured and caught in clashes, he says we will not kill him but he will be a prisoner and we will wait for the regime to agree to swap him for our prisoners. He says we are trapped and under siege but God is with us, we ask the revolutionaries across the Tahwela/Highway towards Alqusair to come help us…We have managed 2 days but may not be able to stand tomorrow.

Do note if the regime enters all these doctors, injuries and remaining families will either be detained, executed, burnt or tortured to death.

Baba Amr field hospital in Jobar, official channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/fieldhospitall?feature=watch

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