They lived together, played together, took photos together & flew to heaven today..together. #Homs #Syria 20/01/2013

Here is a little love story that began on the 14th of July 2012. (Videos are at the end)

Lens of a young Homsi { } and the amazing photographers behind it, who I have come to know and work with, have always made me smile. The photos they share spark emotion in different people, it is either where we once walked, slept, ate, rode the bus or places we dreamed of visiting but never had the chance. It brought Homsi people across the globe together, as we waited to see what new place would be photographed each day. They allowed us to live in Homs despite being far away.

So who did I fall in love with? Well these kids. See, every little child has a story, and the children of Homs are something else. The children of Homs define me and my love for my city and country, they define who I am and define every action I take and how I go about my life, the children of Homs and Syria as a whole.

Here, 14/07/2012, we were introduced to the little artist Maryam Al-Sabbagh, a young talented princess who was stuck under siege with her family. She took us through a series of moments where she was drawing a mortar shell that had fallen onto her neighborhood. She no longer had school due to the siege and the constant attacks, but she liked to share her artwork. Below are some photos of her:

1. She starts to draw as a friend sits nearby

2. She is still drawing 🙂 now using candles to see where her pen touches the paper, as the electricity is cut. Her brother now joins by her side.

3. She shows her drawing, of a mortar shell. As her brother watches on. Believe it or not, that day I waited by the laptop for each photo, waiting to see her final piece.

4. Today, 20/01/2013, over 5 months since those photos were shared, this new picture was taken of the two children. The photographers took the picture and left the children playing together. He soon heard the news. A shell had fallen from the nearby pro-regime neighborhood Alzahra onto their besieged neighborhood, hitting them as they were playing, and killing them. The photo was uploaded explaining they had died. 


Here are videos of the children after their death, Maryam and Yaseen Al-Sabbagh:

– The mother, father and siblings bid them farewell

– The father prays to God to take his right from Bashar Al-Assad

– The two children

– Promo for the two kids showing them playing before they died

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