Greater Syria

5 unbelievably distressing massacres have been committed by the regime’s forces in Damascus’s suburbs in a few hours. Death toll according to the Syrian Revolution General Commission in Damascus and its suburbs up until 10:15 p.m. [Syria time] is 58 martyrs, and the death toll is very much likely to rise since the bombardment and airstrikes still are targeting much of the towns in Eastern Al Ghouta in Damascus’s suburbs along with other towns. Why is the United Nations meeting now? One question I keep asking myself; 20 months and the United Nations with its 194 nations could not halt the violence and atrocities being committed by one bloody atrocious Assad government that killed 60,000 civilians and the death toll keep rising by the minute. Civilians were completely burnt in Qatnah, slaughtered in Douma, buried under the rubble of bombarded houses and a makeshift hospital in Darayya, and the list…

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