Greater Syria

[massacre took place on 15/1/2013, carried out by regime’s Shabiha (thugs)]

Reports emerging from Husweyeh massacre behold such intolerable pain of an extremely appalling massacre committed against 13 families according to eyewitnesses. The village is located near AlQusour district and is about 5 kilometers away from Homs city center [to the north of the city]. Husweyeh’s families are well-known for being farmers; the village has a population of about 1,500 civilians only and recently had more families settling in from disaster-stricken areas and invaded districts, such as Deir Ba’lbeh district and else. The village includes Sunnis, Christians, and Alawties, but the massacre is proven to be purely driven by sectarianism since all the families massacred are Sunni families only.

There are several barriers belonging to the regime’s forces surrounding this village:

– western side: the military college of Al Waer district

– southern side: Deek Al Jen barrier and barrier…

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