Greater Syria

Full-scale attack waged by the regime’s forces against Homs province [up until 9:00 p.m. [Syria time] – 16/1/2013 and 15/1/2013 [15/1/2013 massacre reports are below]
Escalation against the province – many massacres committed
50 martyrs up until 9:00 p.m. [Syria time] on 16/1/2013, amongst them 12 women & 16 children
62 martyrs, amongst them 2 women & 3 children on 15/1/2013

[Report was composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission] 


———- 16/1/2013
* Rastan:

The regime’s forces have been extensively bombarding the city using cluster bombs, helicopters, Sukhoi warplanes, and artillery since yesterday night up until now. The bombardment is being carried out by the regime’s forces stationed in Al Handaseh brigade and Al Meshrafeyyeh area. The bombardment led to the martyrdom of 6 civilians and to the injury of many others. One whole district got destroyed due to the bombardment. There is a severe scarcity in medical supplies…

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