A statistical report by the #Syria/n Revolution General Commission about regime attacks on bakeries in Syria

The Syrian Revolution General Commission: Up to 08/01/2013

“Bread Baked with Blood”
(Statistical report about the regime’s forces’ attacks on bakeries and ovens in all provinces and cities during the Syrian Revolution)

– Introduction:

Since the beginning of 2012 up until now, the regime has deliberately and systematically began targeting bakeries and civilian gatherings lining in front of them in order to terrorize civilians and cause the highest death tolls as the regime continues to desperately attempt to suppress the revolution that has been ongoing for 20 months.

The pace of the attacks on bakeries, where civilians buy one of the most basic needs: bread, escalated after the battle to free Aleppo began in the 8th month of 2012, when the regime’s forces began targeting civilian assemblies directly using either snipers, warplanes, or direct bombardment in order to worsen the humanitarian situation on civilians by depriving them from buying even some bread to consume for survival. In the massacres committed in front of bakeries, tens of civilians, amongst them women and children, got martyred in the worst means ever and many were turned to exploded flesh.

We, in the Syrian Revolution General Commission, demand that the silent world – indifferently watching the regime’s war crimes without merely condemning the atrocities or without working on aiding civilians – to recall how it recently expressed regret for silencing on the atrocities committed in Rwanda and Bosnia. But, unfortunately, the same demeaning silence is being blurted out, putting the lives of hundreds of civilians in a “political stock market” that has neither humanitarian nor ethical ideals.

Below is a statistical report composed by the Special Reports Committee in the Syrian Revolution General Commission’s Media Office, showing every attack carried out by the regime’s forces, targeting ovens and bakeries. The report is reveals details that include the documentation of the name of the province, the city, the date, and the death toll in each attack.

The first attack on bakeries occurred in June, 2011 [the first year of the ongoing revolution] when the regime’s forces invaded Jesr Al Shughour city in Idlib province and burnt down the automatic bakery as part of the military campaign the regime waged on the area.

– The number of times bakeries and ovens were attacked: 84 bakeries and ovens

– Death toll during the attacks : more than 391 martyrs

– Number of wounded civilians during the attacks : more than 600 wounded

– Death toll of women during the attacks: tens of women

– Death toll of children during the attacks : more than 38

– Attack on a bakery that had the highest death toll: attack on Helfayah in Hama’s suburbs on 23/1/2012, where at least 93 civilian were killed.

– Province that has the highest number of attacks on bakeries: Aleppo province ; 26 times

A full list:

– Idlib: 8 times
– Raqqa: 3 times
– Hama: 2 times
– Homs: 19 times
– Aleppo: 26 times
– Daraa: 5 times
– Damascus: 8 times
– Damascus’s suburbs: 8 times
– Deir Al Zor: 6 times

– Highest death toll during the attacks on bakeries: Aleppo province ; 178 martyrs

A full list:

– Idlib: 16 martyrs
– Hama: 93 martyrs
– Homs: 38 martyrs
– Aleppo: 178 martyrs
– Damascus: 4 martyrs
– Damascus suburbs: 34 martyrs
– Deir Al Zor: 24 martyrs

– Highest number of times bakeries were targeted in one month: October, 2012 ; 18 times

A full list:

– December, 2012: 11 times
– November, 2012: 7 times
– September, 2012: 5 times
– August, 2012: 8 times
– October, 2012: 18 times
– January, 2013: 5 times

– Highest death toll due to attacks on bakeries in one month was in month December, 2012 ; 205 martyrs fell

– Most used type of weaponry during the attacks on bakeries: tank shells or artillery shells ; 41 times

A full list:

– Tank shelling: 41 times
– Warplane airstrikes: 16 times
– Mortar bombardment: 5 times
– Rocket bombardment: 5 times

– Time of the day when most of the attacks on bakeries occurred: in the morning ; 27 times [showing how the regime delicately targeted the bakeries in a rush hour as civilians usually gather in the early morning to buy bread]

A full list:

– Afternoon: 11 times
– Morning: 27 times
– Evening: 23 times

– Last time a bakery was targeted was on Monday, 7/1/2013, in Kufrbatnah town in Damascus’s suburbs, where 5 martyrs fell.

– 9 provinces out of 14 provinces had their bakeries and ovens targeted by the regime’s forces.



الهيئة العامة للثورة السورية

المكتب الإعلامي  

Syrian Revolution General Commission

Media Section


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المكتب الإعلامي |  Media Section  media@srgcommission.org

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