#Syria #Homs – Regime forces & thugs storm Tesneen village executing many & driving the rest out.

Homs: The north-western suburbs: Tesneen village events on 05/01/2013

Details arrived: 06/01/2013

Regime forces and their thugs stormed the village that lies next to Talbiseh and Alrastan on 05/01/2013. They began by shelling it and then entered on foot. Several families managed to flee with the apparent help of the Free Syrian Army as seen from the eyewitness accounts below.

The fled families reported that entire families inside the village were summarily executed and some remained trapped. Today, 06/01/2013, 8 names have been confirmed as martyred with it being very difficult to reach anyone inside the occupied village closed off by the regime forces.

  • Names:
1. Male adult: Muwafaq Murad
2. Male adult: Abdulkareem Murad
3. Female child Dima Muwafaq Murad aged 12
4. Elderly male Mohamad Ali Al-Amouri aged 70
5. Male adult Hamada Darwish aged 18
6. Elderly male Mohamad Darwish aged 80
7. Male adult Riyad Wali
8. Male adult Ahmad Darwish
  • Massacre details:
The village is very small and lies between Talbiseh city, Alrastan city and Alhoulah. The number of residents comes to around 5000 with around half Alawite and the other half being Turkmen and Sunni.
Around the village are pro-regime areas, most importantly: Jaboreen, Kafrnan, Krad Aldasneyeh, Qani Al-Asi, Alhaysa and Alqabo.
On the morning of Saturday 5th January 2013, shabeeha regime thugs – residents Inside this village- approached with shabeeha regime thugs and regime forces from the nearby areas with tanks and military vehicles. Several soldiers were with them. They gathered in large numbers and stormed the village by starting to shell the Turkmen and Sunni areas and surrounded them. Upon entering, they began executing families inside their homes and their bodies were burnt.
  • The executed families whose names are to arrive are:
1. Al-Amouri family
2. Darwish family
3. Murad family
4. Qasab family
5. Khalil family
6. Hamood family
7. Hameesh family
Bodies could not be documented or even taken out of the besieged areas as only the alive were evacuated as fast as possible. Several women, children and young male adults were abducted. Shops were looted and burnt.
As has been reported by the Alrastan media committee, eyewitness accounts in the videos of those who were saved and the FSA themselves, the FSA approached upon hearing of the attack and helped take the alive besieged families out, whoever they could. However, there are still many inside and many missing with their fate unknown. The village is now occupied and no one can enter or leave it. The Sunni and Turkmen families were simply forced to flee or suffered execution.
Note: This is not the first time regime forces and sectarian shabeeha thugs in Homs push civilians out of their homes and move in to occupy.

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