Amazing family, amazing people. Thank you x

Joseph Swims

It is difficult to put into words our experience in Syria.  I’ve stopped and started this post repeatedly since we’ve been home.  Not only is it almost impossible to describe, but by doing so it feels as if we’re writing the final chapter in a book I don’t want to finish.  At the end of a gruelling day, standing in front of our hotel and saying goodbye to a new friend I’d never thought I’d make, we asked our young Syrian student/smuggler what more we could do.  He asked us to just tell their story and show our photos.  Let the world see what is happening. But the world already knows what is happening, it’s on the news every day.  What more can we do that isn’t already being done by major media networks and professional journalists?  They can tell the story, but we can tell OUR story.  Maybe by…

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