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Some of the martyrs in Quwaik river, Bustan Al Qaser district, Aleppo. – 29/1/2013 Yet another massacre committed by the regime’s forces that words stand utterly speechless to describe. Civilians found dumped along Quwaik River in Aleppo, their blood leaking on the sidewalk after being moved by civilians who reportedly…

A little bit about my brave cousin: Martyr Ahmad Alsheikh. #Homs #Syria

Translated from: “Martyr Ahmad Alsheikh One of the leaders of the Bilal Suweid battalion, Alfarook. He was martyred on 26/01/2013 fighting in the front lines defending Alnuqeira, he never left his area and he chose to stay under the siege and shelling and not flee. He was one of the few who was able to […]

Message from Dr Mohamad regarding my martyred cousin Ahmad Alsheikh, one of the bravest men. #Homs #Syria

“In the name of God most gracious most merciful. I bring to you news of martyrdom of one of the leaders of the rebel fighters on the ground of Homs, Ahmad Reda Alsheikh, also known as Abu Obaida, we pray he is a martyr. May God accept you in the highest of heavens. He was […]

Day 6 of attack today..Thank you for watching..Baba Amr field hospital in Jobar #Homs #Syria

They need help, evacuation and treatment. They are trapped from 4 sides and under shelling. Anyone, International Red Cross, whoever..They need evacuation urgently…And let the non-injured almost 30000 civilians hiding underground in bunkers across Jobar, Sultaniyeh, Baba Amr orchards, Kafr Aya and Alnuqeirah be allowed to leave safely as many have been executed upon fleeing. […]

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[report composed by the Syrian Revolution General Commission] Civilian wounded by the bombardment in makeshift hospital in Bab Amr. 6th day of siege and bombardment – 3 martyrs up until 7:00 p.m [Syria time] The military campaign against these 3 areas continues to target them for the 6th day in…

#Syria #Homs – Situation is dire as injuries still trapped for 4th day without aid and over 30000 at risk

Urgent: Media or human rights groups: Baba Amr media team: We have 2 activists inside Jobar/Kafr Aya covering regime attack for 4 days now which has led to over 40 dead and over 100 injured, the activists speak only Arabic but can help cover the humanitarian situation as well as the shelling and also the […]