Bakery massacre in Talbiseh kills 15 at minimum #Homs #Syria 24/12/2012

Syrian Revolution General Commission

Syria: Homs: Talbiseh city: A massacre after regime forces target a bakery. 15 martyrs thus far. 24/12/2012


Since the early hours of this morning regime forces have used artillery and mortar shells to pound the populated city. This then turned into using TNT barrels from helicopters leading to a large number of injuries. However, afternoon time, a meg-warplane flew over the area and fired several missiles which in turn led to a massacre after one of the missiles hit the bakery where civilians were waiting for bread. 15 martyrs fell with 14 names confirmed thus far including several children and many injuries and being treated now in the basic field hospitals. Bodies are still being recovered and some have been buried.

• Videos today from Talbiseh: 24/12/2012

Massacre in Talbiseh after a bakery was targeted
Helicopters fire explosives
Smoke is seen billowing due to shelling
The moment shells fall from a meg-warplane
Shelling and retreiving martyrs from rubble
A father by his son
Some of the martyrs 18+
An injury due to the shelling
Horrific destruction due to shelling
Martyr Mahmoud Turki Suweis
The father of the 4 girls killed
Martyr Abdulmu’een Suweis
A child looses his head
Martyr Bilal Khafshah
Funeral in the same road
An injury on the ground

• Names of the martyrs in todays massacre received thus far:

1. Female child Intisar Majed Yahya aged 13
2. Female child Marwa Majed Yahya aged 10
3. Female child Huda Majed Yahya aged 8
4. Female child Amal Majed Yahya aged 5

[the above are all sisters]

5. Omar Othman Alnaji aged 31
6. Abdulmueen Ahmad Suweis aged 60
7. Mahmoud Turki Suweis aged 25
8. Abdulqader Mohamad Mezanazi aged 60
9. Bilal Khafshah
10. Child Hadeel Alnaji
11. Hussein Faraj Alnaji
12. Mustafa Ahmad Alnaji
13. Nasr Omar Ahmad Alnaji
14. Mohamad Omar Othman Alnaji [son of martyr Omar Othman Alnaji]


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