Read..Phosphoric Bombs Now Used ; Obama:”Cool, It’s Not Chemical” – 6/12/2012

Greater Syria

The types of weaponry and bombs the Assad regime is being supplied with are mostly internationally prohibited weapons, including nail bombs, cluster bombs, and now phosphoric bombs, reportedly used for the first time yesterday, 6/12/2012, on Deir Al Zor’s suburbs. 

Some of the types of the cluster bombs used are RBK-250, which are Soviet-made cluster bombs that Russia has been aiding Assad regime with. Helicopters have been dropping these cluster bombs on heavily-populated areas for the past 6 months or so, killing and injuring much civilians along. First footage of such usage emerged from Daraa, as seen in here back in July, where women were heard screaming as the new type of bomb was dropped by the helicopter that was hovering above, causing a huge explosion of smoke and shrapnel. When these bombs explode, they release tens, sometimes hundreds of smaller bomb-lets that scatter in an area the size of a football field. Not all of them explode…

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