#Syria – Blackout gets more attention in one day than the dead over 2 years.

While everyone moans about the net being cut, massacres took place in Syria all today as usual – the massacres didn’t take place because phones were cut – massacres happen daily in Syria. Warplanes destroy inhabited buildings and tanks fire onto residential homes.

We’ve passed the stage of internet revolution, it’s at a different stage now, so if you can’t update your facebook or twitter, get over it. As a person inside Syria, if you’re an activist you’ll have managed in some way to go around the dangerous regime run internet right? So media activists were okay in this blackout and updated us with news using satellite internet and other cool creations. Others who genuinely didn’t need the net for anything beneficial but random things are moaning, thing is..if you’re not a media activist then you could be doing something else so either charity or protests or organising rev activities or running shelters or volunteering or..fighting. Or of course you’re at home because you feel safe and don’t want to risk your life.

Idea is, yes the net was cut. Yes phone lines were cut. But news flash, many parts of Syria don’t have access to phones or net anymore from months because over 4 million are internally displaced, there’s no electricity to even charge mobiles in these areas and really the last of their worries is the net because they’re struggling to try to survive.

In summary, the world (still very small compared to other disasters in other countries) reaction to the 100% blackout on Syria today is simply disgusting. Media covered it like crazy. If you don’t care about our dead, please don’t pretend to care that Assad shut his country off from the world today. As the media, you know best that he has prevented you being in Syria to freely cover for almost 2 years now.

Cover the massacres not the number of areas with no net.

And no, NATO/Qatar weren’t behind the internet and phone line cut -__-

Rose x

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