#Syria – Blackout gets more attention in one day than the dead over 2 years.

While everyone moans about the net being cut, massacres took place in Syria all today as usual – the massacres didn’t take place because phones were cut – massacres happen daily in Syria. Warplanes destroy inhabited buildings and tanks fire onto residential homes. We’ve passed the stage of internet revolution, it’s at a different stage […]

#Syria #Homs – Regime shells refugee hot spot and kills 11 children at minimum

This took place near to my home village, this is where many of our family members are now displaced and seeking refuge…This area was shelled today no longer “safe” with 11 children at minimum killed..This area houses thousands of internally displaced civilians…Now a good target for the regime. ============================ Homs – Horrific massacre in Tal […]

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الشهيد المهندس مختار القاسمي بينما هذه الحروف تُخط على ورقة افتراضية عيناي تغرقان بالدموع وتسيل هذه العبرات على وجهي ماسحةً حزني وشوقي إلى أغلى صديق في حياتي.. بعد شهرين على خروجي مضطرًا من بلدي الجميل، بسبب قصف حيي ومنزلي، واعتقال أصدقائي إلى أماكن لن نعرفها! دخلت الأراضي المصرية  بشعور صعب وكأنّني في…

The first time I visit north Syria.. and all I found were displaced people

The first time I visit north Syria..And all I found were displaced people – September 2012 *Any names used in the article were changed for safety of the refugees *All photos in this report were taken by my sister inside north Syria, many have not been included for safety of the people and out of […]