Urgent call to end the siege: Day 93: Barbaric shelling and a suffocating siege continues to slowly kill the Old Homs districts

Urgent call to end the siege
Day 93: Barbaric shelling and a suffocating siege continues to slowly kill the Old Homs districts
Thursday 6th September 2012. 
Contacts in the besieged areas of Homs are available for human rights groups and media only.
Barbaric shelling continues on the besieged neighborhoods of Old Homs for day 93 as regime forces pound left right and centre with the knowledge there are 800-1000 families still trapped inside these neighborhoods. These old neighborhoods consist of ancient mosques and churches that have been blown apart. Homes have been destroyed with ancient homes dating back centuries ripped apart as the history of Homs province is wiped out. There is no water or electricity to the area as civilians live on what they have saved earlier and collect rainfall that miraculously has fallen onto Homs in September and August this year, for the first summer in decades. 
An injury is left to die. Fires spread through the homes as civilians run daily from one part to another to protect themselves and their young. The Free Syrian Army [FSA] are present in these districts and are controlling the neighborhoods on the ground however they are also trapped, cannot leave the areas and cannot help bring anything in. The FSA created ways to smuggle injuries out and bring some aid in to relieve the suffering of people inside, however it is not enough and many die in the process. Due to the FSA control of these neighborhoods, the regime has resorted to repeated intense shelling attacks not only from tanks, cannons, heavy artillery, mortar shells and missile launchers but also using helicopter gunships and warplanes which fire missiles, TNT and explosive barrels that bring down entire buildings. 
–Violent shelling targeting homes, churches and roads, barbaric attacks on the districts:
–Destrustion in Old Homs districts:
For the 93rd day running the neighborhoods of Old Homs, and several other parts of the province, are urgently calling for help. Tomorrow, a new Friday for the Syrian revolution, is named: “Besieged Homs is calling for your help – حمص المحاصرة تناديكم”

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