A summary+Vi​deos of the massacres in Aleppo today so far 16/08/2012

Some updates from Aleppo to this hour: 16/08/2012: Syrian Revolution General Commission

Aleppo: Areas being shelled today so far: Alsha’ar,Al-Ansari, Almashhad, Alsakhour, Alerdaws, Almarjeh, Bab Alnayrab,Alhaydareyeh, Alhalak, Baedeen, Alzebdeyeh, Saif Aldawleh and Al-Itha’ahleading to many civilian buildings being demolished and a large number ofinjuries.


Aleppo: Qadi Askar neighborhood: 25 martyrs at minimum and30 injuries – 20 of them critical, as a new massacre was committed due to shellingon the Qadi Askar bakery as people waited for bread. From the martyrs are manychildren and elderly.

Aleppo: A video of the massacre committed at the Qadi Askarbakery



Aleppo: Salaheddin: An entire family has been martyred madeup of 3 members – a father, mother and child – after their car was hit as theytried to flee from the shelling near the Almasaken just by the Salaheddinroundabout. Another civilian was martyred in the same place due to a directsniper shot as he went out to get bread.

A video of the family killed:



Aleppo: Alsha’ar: 7 martyrs fell, from them a female and 3children with many injured after violent shelling on most parts of the area.One of the shells fell directly onto a building leading to the death or injuryof all those inside.

A video of those killed:



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