Important: A massacre in Yelda, Damascus suburbs: 01/08/2012

Important: A massacre in Yelda, Damascus suburbs: 01/08/2012

More than 27 martyrs found executed. Number likely to rise.

The town was shelled for 6 days from the military base on the infamous Qasyeon Mountain and also from the surrounding military bases. Most civilians were pushed out from the town due to this attack. The regime forces stormed the town yesterday on land and raided homes and looted what they could. The mosques were also affected. Several civilians were executed as whoever was found was targeted. The town is almost entirely destroyed with most homes damaged and looted. Martyrs are in their dozens some executed with knives, some burnt and some shot with their hands tied. We have managed to document 27 martyrs with the number likely to rise to near 100 as several parts of the town witnessed massacres and they are still being discovered now. It is almost impossible to enter many parts of Yelda and thus the civilians have asked international organisations and human rights groups to find a way to allow civilians inside to retrieve the bodies.

• Some of the videos received:

–6 martyrs executed as they tried to flee the city – their hands tied

–Martyr Ghayth Alsbeinati and another martyr from the same family martyred inside their home.

–Martyr Hisham Alsbeinati and Abdulrahman Alsbeinati executed in their home

–An unidentified martyr executed in the street

–An unidentified martyr executed in the street

–Executed: Abdulrazaq Almasri, a martyr from Alqedah family and an unidentified martyr

–3 martyrs executed with bullets

–A martyr executed

–Photos of the martyrs HD


Should be noted that many other suburbs of Damascus are in the same situation with no one able to get inside and document the horrific massacres that have taken place.

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