Massacre: Old Homs: Alhamidiyeh: 17/08/2012

Old Homs: Alhamidiyeh: 17/08/2012 Regime forces continue to shell and heavily bombard the neighborhoods of Old Homs. Today, a massacre was committed by regime forces as a shell led to the death of 4 men in Alhamidiyeh in Old Homs. Old Homs remains under siege for 73 days now, with aid only arriving through smuggling […]

A summary+Vi​deos of the massacres in Aleppo today so far 16/08/2012

Some updates from Aleppo to this hour: 16/08/2012: Syrian Revolution General Commission Aleppo: Areas being shelled today so far: Alsha’ar,Al-Ansari, Almashhad, Alsakhour, Alerdaws, Almarjeh, Bab Alnayrab,Alhaydareyeh, Alhalak, Baedeen, Alzebdeyeh, Saif Aldawleh and Al-Itha’ahleading to many civilian buildings being demolished and a large number ofinjuries. ===================================== Aleppo: Qadi Askar neighborhood: 25 martyrs at minimum and30 injuries […]