Besieged Alrastan, Homs – update 24/07/2012

Besieged Alrastan, Homs – update 24/07/2012


The city remains under extremely brutal shelling which includes tanks, missile launchers, artillery, mortar shells and aircrafts. The number of injuries increases day by day with women and children the main targets as shelters are hit during the attacks. The shelling from regime aircrafts continues with the field hospital struggling to cope. The FSA continue to push back regime forces who keep attempting to storm on land, thus the regime can only attack from the sky and with shells. The situation is dire and they are in need of urgent help.


–Field hospital


–Child Zahra Shameer killed


–Mohamad Ayoub martyred


–Missiles including air attacks


–A child gives his account, injured




–Calls for help


–Mosques are targeted


–Mohamad Al-Abeed, a father of 4 children who are also dead


–Shelling from aircrafts during burial of martyrs

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