Urgent: Homs: Homs Central Prison: 21/07/2012


Urgent: Homs: Homs Central Prison: 21/07/2012


At around 1am on 21/07/2012 there was a defection inside the old building of the Homs Central Prison. The prisoners held a strike which aided them into helping the defectors to take full control of the old building. After this, members of the air force-intelligence units and regime military forces surrounded the prison from the outside and then cut all communication lines to the area where the prison is based. Martyrs have fallen with the reason of death still unclear, however we do know the regime forces opened fire from rooftops and also fired tear-gas into the prison rooms and grounds.

We have received the names of 4 martyrs thus far:

– Jamu Alkurdi

– Ali Alakeedi

– Mahmoud Hassoun – Alkhaldiyeh

– Mahmoud Turkmani – Alqusair

The number is likely to be much higher and there are reports of several injuries too. Numbers can no longer be confirmed as we cannot reach those inside the prison anymore.

There is a fear for the lives of 5000-6000 prisoners many of whom are from the Syrian revolution. The Assad regime is well known for committing massacres within prisons over the past decades.

Activists attempted to contact the UN observers however they did not respond well and at the present time, their mobiles are now unavailable.

This is an urgent call from the besieged Homs province demanding international organisations to move immediately to put an end to the attack on the Homs Central Prison which may result in a brutal massacre.

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