Greater Syria

As the military campaigns still are targeting cities all over Syria, Ma’aret Al No’man, a city located in Idlib’s suburbs, is being bombarded by regime’s militias right now. A massacre in Ma’aret Al occurred Just a short while ago. One whole family got killed by a shell/mortar bomb that fell on their house. All the corpses got literally shredded by the shrapnel. Seemingly, at least 2 children got martyred, a woman, a young man, and a father.

Overall, there are 6 martyrs documented up till now, amongst them one whole family and a young man.

-First moments as martyr Muhammad Abdeen was being carried into the makeshift hospital:


-Martyr Muhammad Abdeen in the simple makeshift hospital:


-Martyrs in the hospital; doctors trying to revive female child Rayan Al Bajri, aged 7:


-Doctor trying to revive martyred female child Rayan Al Bajri:


-The whole family martyred…

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