The number of children killed in Syria over the past few days


Children killed by the Assad regime in the past few days, documented by the SRGC:

26/06/2012: 7 children at minimum.
27/06/2012: 18 children at minimum.
28/06/2012: 5 children at minimum.
29/06/2012: 14 children at minimum.
30/06/2012: 7 children at minimum.
01/07/2012: 7 children at minimum.
02/07/2012: 2 children at minimum.
03/07/2012: 8 children at minimum.
Today, 04/07/2012: 5 children at minimum.

At minimum because this is what we can document, many children are shredded to pieces so we cannot tell if they are a child or adult. Many children are abducted after being killed. Many children remain under rubble and aren’t reached to be counted or buried. Many children die the next day or days later due to injuries. Also many areas in Syria have no communication to the outside world so we never know how many have died there. 

There are hundreds of children injured in the past week, with little aid available.

One thought on “The number of children killed in Syria over the past few days

  1. Like is not the right word. I want to say how brave you are to keep going and to send some hope to the children in your picture giving that defiant V signal. I hate seeing all the pictures of the poor children who have been mutilated, executed, blown up and tortured. I don’t know if drawing attention to this will help, but I hope it will somehow. I hope that one day Syria will be a better place to live without the awful sectarian violence that is happening now. So I am sending you my Hope that things will shift soon, that Assad will leave now that the Free Syrian Army has more than half of the country under control and more Assad people are defecting every day. I really don’t think he can stay much longer, as he has destroyed his country and I think he will have to go to the international court now. Hang on a little longer, Assad’s days in power are numbered.

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