Besieged Alrastan, Homs – update 24/07/2012

Besieged Alrastan, Homs – update 24/07/2012   The city remains under extremely brutal shelling which includes tanks, missile launchers, artillery, mortar shells and aircrafts. The number of injuries increases day by day with women and children the main targets as shelters are hit during the attacks. The shelling from regime aircrafts continues with the field hospital […]

Urgent: Homs: Homs Central Prison: 21/07/2012

=============================================== Urgent: Homs: Homs Central Prison: 21/07/2012 =============================================== At around 1am on 21/07/2012 there was a defection inside the old building of the Homs Central Prison. The prisoners held a strike which aided them into helping the defectors to take full control of the old building. After this, members of the air force-intelligence units and […]

The number of children killed in Syria over the past few days

Children killed by the Assad regime in the past few days, documented by the SRGC: 26/06/2012: 7 children at minimum.27/06/2012: 18 children at minimum.28/06/2012: 5 children at minimum.29/06/2012: 14 children at minimum.30/06/2012: 7 children at minimum.01/07/2012: 7 children at minimum.02/07/2012: 2 children at minimum.03/07/2012: 8 children at minimum.Today, 04/07/2012: 5 children at minimum. At minimum […]

The story of 2 little angels from Daraa, Syria

  A short story…   The 2 children you see in the picture are Hussam And Hassan Al-Aneizan from Daraa province in Syria. These 2 children, in simple words, had their dreams and future destroyed by an “Assad reform” shell….Assad killed these children and continues to kill every single day. The shell landed on the […]

Douma: A devastated area 02/07/2012

======================== Douma: A devastated area 02/07/2012 ======================== The brutal crackdown on Damascus suburb Douma continues with the siege enforced becoming tighter as the days go by. Douma is currently not only under shelling attacks but on ground invasions with executions taking place daily. Below are videos of bodies being recovered. Civilians are being found tied […]