Massacre in Krak des Chevaliers city, Homs 28/06/2012


Massacre in Krak des Chevaliers city as regime thugs execute an entire family – 28/06/2012


Since the early hours of this morning, the regime has shelled Jabal Altalaj followed by an attempt to storm the area via the Alhawash neighborhood [a pro-regime suburb]. This attempt to storm has led to the execution of the family of the University Professor, Ahlam Ali Imad. The family live at the edge of the Krak des Chevalier city bordering the pro-regime suburbs. The members executed from her family are:

• University Professor Ahlam Ali Imad
• Ali Imad [Abu Suleiman] – the Professors father.
• Fatima Betar – the Professors mother
• Marhaban Kurdi – the Professors uncles wife
• Suleiman Hassan Imad – the Professors nephew
• Ahlam Hassan Imad – the Professors niece

The regime continues to attempt to storm further into the area and there is a great fear their use of shabeeha [thugs] from the suburbs may lead to a horrific massacre similar to Al Houleh. The regime has also used mortar shells and heavy artillery.


The martyrs in the city today due to sniper or shelling:


Ayham Haydar, Ahmad Haydar, Khaled Ahmad Jan’eer [Abu Layth] the young man Mohamad Amer Alqadee, Ali Tale and Saad Khaled Betar.

The number of injuries is immense with some being critical. The shelling continues to this moment.


The videos received thus far:


–A massacre in the area
–The brave martyrs
–Funeral of martyr Khaled Jan’eer

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