Hama is under extreme fire: Videos and English speaking contacts – 20/06/2012

Hama is under extreme fire: This is a call for help 20/06/2012
[English speakers available for media and human rights, please email me for details: rose.alhomsi@gmail.com – Arabic speakers also available]
The regime continues to shell parts of Hama for the second day running with little coverage despite the large scale atrocities taking place. The Free Syrian Army has tried to push off the regime forces from storming on land and this has resulted in attacks similar to those seen in the province of Homs where the regime can only bombard civilian areas as it cannot enter on the ground. If the regime manages to enter on the ground, massacres are feared like those in Al Houleh and Alqubair.

The number of dead and injured have continued to rise since yesterday, especially in the neighbourhood of Tareeq Halab.


* Tareeq Halab neighborhood:

–Hama, an injury in Tareeq Halab neighborhood as a shell falls near the cameraman


–Hama, anyone crossing the road has become a target in Tareeq Halab neighbourhood.


–An injury due to shelling on the neighbourhood of Tareeq Halab


–The shells that pounded Tareeq Halab neighbourhood


–Smoke rises from homes


–Sounds of gunfire in the neighbourhood


–Sounds of gunfire and explosions in the neighbourhood of Tareeq Halab


–Heavy gunfire opened by regime forces in the neighborhood


–Heavy gunfire opened by regime forces in Tareeq Halab neighbourhood

*Janoob Almalab:

–Destruction caused by shelling as smoke is seen rising

–Smoke rises from the neighbourhood after continuous shelling by regime forces
–Shelling on the neighbourhood and its suburbs

–Smoke rises from civilian buildings after shelling


–Shelling on the neighbourhood with all kinds of weapons – early hours of this morning

–A painful clip showing a child of 4 months hit with bullets in her stomach. An operation was done in the field hospital despite lack of aid and her health is deteriorating till now.

–Shelling on Jaboob Almalab neighbourhood from the early hours of this morning


–Shelling on Janoob Almalab and smoke rising from the neighbourhood

–Destruction of homes

–Sounds of shelling on the neighbourhood 

–Injuries due to shelling in the field hospital 

–The live feed taken of the shelling on Janoob Almalab


* Alarba’een:

–Shelling on the neighbourhood by regime forces

–Clashes between Free Syrian Army and regime forces after regime forces stormed the neighbourhood

–An injury due to shelling [amputated] , his injury was very bad leading to amputation. The shrapnels hit him in the chest and stomach.
–Shelling on the neighbourhood HD

–One of the shells that fell on Alarba’een neighbourhood 

–The destruction caused by shelling

–Heavy gunfire and fire from machine guns near Aljab roundabout

–The minaret of Alshifa Mosque is targeted

–Activist Abu Hadi reports on the destruction in the neighbourhood of Masha’a Alarba’een

* Alhader neighborhood 

–A true war zone in the neighbourhood 

–Heavy fire from regime forces

–The water mains building is used by regime forces to shell the neighbourhood

–Regime machine guns and snipers target homes


–Smoke is seen rising due to shelling
* Hama:

–Shelling and smoke from the city of Hama

–Random arrests made by regime forces

–Heavy fire by regime forces on Alqsoor neighbourhood 

–War planes in the skies of Hama

–Siege of Hama city with tanks

–People are refused exit from the city

–Roads are blocked by regime thugs 

–Snipers on top of buildings 

–Sounds of gunfire and explosions

–A strike all over in response to the recent attack by regime forces on civilian areas

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