Homs is going…going…gone

Homs is going…going…gone


Everyone can do something to help Syria. The easiest is to raise money which will be used for aid such as medicines, medical equipment, bread and baby milk.

Avaaz citizen journalist Waleed Fares in Homs was injured today in his stomach and described the field hospital as a scene from hell. Another day with so many SOS calls as I watch not knowing what more to do.

For the 2432534645643523465 time we remind all that Homs is besieged, field hospitals need aid so please donate money or medicines, we also remind you all that refugees are sleeping in schools inside the besieged city as they can’t flee and they left their homes with nothing [I am telling you this based on my own family who are now refugees] so their situation is horrible, we also remind that injuries are being left to die slowly due to them not being reached and if they are reached there is a severe lack of aid in the homes-turned-hospitals…we also remind that snipers are paralysing movement so people can’t flee properly or even try get food from other areas to feed their families…we remind that there are dead bodies rotting in the streets as no one can reach them meaning diseases have began spreading, we remind the water has been contaminated in some parts due to shelling and many are without water or electricity…..do I have to remind about everything?

Homs is still being hit with air-crafts, missile launchers, artillery, mortar shells…snipers…etc etc etc. The picture above is from my city, my beautiful city [Old Homs, 9th June 2012]

A photo now from Alqsoor, Homs:


Simple: Homs is being blown apart now, 5 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 2 days ago, 100 days ago, it still continues till tomorrow, and after and next week and next month. It is always being shelled, always.

Please help Homs. Every day we loose someone who has been working hard to get the message out. We owe it to the children, women, the orphans and widows to do something.

Because, it could be you in need one day…Would you expect people to run to help you when you didn’t do your bit for others?

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