Homs: Alghanto: Details of the Air Defense Missile Battalion defection 10/06/2012

A translated report.

Homs: Alghanto: Details of the Air Defense Missile Battalion defection.

Early this morning, the Air Defense Missile Battalion defected in the area of Alghanto: The 26th division, 72nd brigade, battalion 743.

Captain Abdullah: The Military Council in Homs and its suburbs:

After long discussions and careful planning between heads in the Homs Military Council and the heads in battalion number 743, brigade 72, division number 26, this morning was assigned as the official date for their entire defection. This took place with the help of local brigades in the suburbs who safeguarded a route for their escape. The head at this Air Defense Missile Battalion collected the soldiers and spoke to them about the true situation in the country and he gave them the choice to either walk out and return home [not defect] or to defect and join the Free Syrian Army.

The entire brigade is usually made of 130 soldiers and 10 officers. Present on the day [at work] were 35 in total, 30 soldiers and 5 officers. After giving them the choice to leave or stay, 22 soldiers and 3 officers chose to return home, their safeguard home was provided. 8 soldiers and 2 officers in total defected and joined the Free Syrian Army.

This defection is of great importance as it is the Air Defense Missile Battalion defection and thus it is both strategically important as it can defend the oil refinery in Homs and it is also important as it is made of Shilka anti-aircraft weapons, missile launchers and different types of ammunition. This was a main reinforcement base for the regime forces present in Talbiseh and Alrastan and surrounding suburbs.

The Free Syrian Army gained control of a large number of weapons and ammunition however the regime was quick to respond by using air-crafts to shell the base to stop the remaining weapons and ammunition being reached.


–A video for Captain Ahmad Yousef explaining the events

–A video showing the defection of the Air Defense Missile Battalion

–The regime shells the defected base

–Abu Jafar films inside the area

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