Jobar and Kafar Aya [Homs] situation as UN is prevented entry. Syria 26/05/2012

Homs :: Jobar :: Kafar Aya 
The 9th day of shelling on the civilian neighborhood

The shelling resumed at 5:30am as civilians made their way to shelters to protect themselves and their children from the falling missiles. The missiles are coming down like rain. The mortar shells continued to fall on the neighborhood until 8am this morning. The missile shelling is still ongoing till now.

-Jobar: Missiles rain onto the neighborhood 26/05/2012

As a result, 21 people at minimum have been injured, from them children and women. Some of the injuries are critical as the field hospital struggles to cope. The field hospital is simple, with little aid and the medical team available is not trained to deal with such injuries. Communication is cut to the area thus minimal videos and details come out. The regime continues to besiege the area.

-Homs: Jobar: Injuries in Jobar after regime shelling

As the shelling continued on Jobar and Alsultaniyeh, the UN observers tried to enter both besieged neighborhoods that are under heavy artillery shelling for the 9th consecutive day. The checkpoints surrounding both neighborhoods opened fire onto the UN observer cars which led them into hiding, seeking refuge in the train station in Kafar Aya. 

Kafar Aya:

The shabeeha [thugs] backed with military armoured vehicles [that were positioned in the Sakan Alshababi area] stormed Kafar Aya as a whole today. The regime forces burnt homes, detained dozens of youth who were seeking refuge in the neighborhood and detained several refugees from Baba Amr and Jobar.

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