Why have the UN observers not visited Jobar, Homs, not even once, till now?

Homs: Jobar: 24/05/2012

Regime bombardment for the 7th day running…The UN observers have not yet entered the neighborhood



The screams of civilians, women and children coincide with the whistles of missiles and the loud explosions that shake the entire village. The bullets do not stop. Homes and shops set alight with missiles falling in almost every street.

Today has been the worst attack on the neighborhood since the brutal military campaign began 7 days ago, the missiles are falling everywhere as they reach Alsultaniyeh neighborhood and the fields of Baba Amr.

The neighborhood is almost empty of civilians however some remain trapped, thus the number of causalities has been so little.

– The destruction can be seen everywhere.

The regime attacks do not differentiate between human and stone, the mosques have been hit like Abu Bakr Alsedeeq Mosque that continues to be hit daily, schools have been destroyed.

The following videos show how regime missiles fall like rain onto this neighborhood, it hits human and stone, it hits the young and old. The cameraman stands between such bombardments as the missiles pour down onto civilian homes, risking his life to bring out the truth. The UN observer mission has not visited this devastated village, not even once.

-Jobar: Important: The worse shelling yet on the neighborhood. 24/05/2012

-Jobar: Missiles fall near the cameraman 24/05/2012

The remaining trapped civilians and families hide wherever they find a roof that has not been blown away, seeking protection from God alone as the regime aims to destroy it all.

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