A translated report on the deteriorating situation in Alrastan, Homs for 23/05/2012 and 24/05/2012

The Syrian Revolution General Commission

  • A translated report on the deteriorating situation in Alrastan, Homs for 23/05/2012 and 24/05/2012

The barbaric attack continues on most parts of Syria that have taken a step in this revolution, however the worst has truly been seen in the city of Homs and in recent weeks in the area of Alrastan. Alrastan has been under indiscriminate shelling since yesterday as the regime uses missile launchers and artillery on the civilian filled area and led an on-ground invasion. The shelling continued until the UN observers arrived to Alrastan as the families and mothers came crying, explaining how bad the situation was. The citizens showed the observers the destruction and how the shelling has targeted homes – shelled only because they asked for basic human rights, which in itself is their right.

As the UN observers left the area, the regime resumed the shelling campaign as well as heavy machine guns being used near the main highway. The shelling resumed again this morning targeting civilian buildings and also targeting the main bakery in the area leading to its almost complete destruction. A massacre took place, again, as some died and others were taken out injured. The martyrs who have been confirmed by the SRGC are: Ahmad Aldeek Abo Naeem,  Abdulhakeem Alkhateeb and an unidentified martyr. The injuries were critical, and due to the lack of proper medications – most end up dying. The regime forces also targeted the water mains in the area leading to a full cut which comes with a full cut of electricity and lines. This is all in an intention to totally isolate the area from the rest of the world so the crimes against the civilians are committed in silence. The regime can now commit massacres and we will never know. The shells continue to fall like rain and the gunfire has not stopped.

**Alrastan is considered a humanitarian crisis and a true devastation. Civilians are in need of urgent help, aid and protection**


Videos from 23/05/2012:


–A video showing the moment missiles fall onto Alrastan 23/05/2012



–The UN observer mission with the Free Syrian Army 23/05/2012


–Schools are targeted as well as mosques 23/05/2012


–Women from Alrastan cry to the UN observer mission about their awful situation 23/05/2012



Videos from 24/05/2012:


–A massacre in the main bakery of the city after being shelled 24/05/2012


–A massacre in the main bakery in Alrastan city 24/05/2012


–Trying to save the injuries 24/05/2012


–Trying to remove bodies from under the rubble 24/05/2012


–A mother with her son 24/05/2012


–Field hospital overloaded with injuries 24/05/2012


–More injuries 24/05/2012


–Homes destroyed by missile shelling 24/05/2012


–Missile launchers used on Alrastan 24/05/2012


–Water mains are targeted in Alrastan 24/05/2012


–As the missiles fell onto Alrastan 24/05/2012


–An interview with one of the women in the city 24/05/2012


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