The Joreya family…May you rest in peace..Together now

A Homsi family who have sacrified more than others..

The Joreya family…A family from Homs who used to live in Wadi Al-Arab. However..

The first of their offspring was killed on 19/04/2011, one of the first martyrs of Homs..His name: Fahmi Marwan Joreya aged 15 years of age. He was killed as a regime armoured vehicle stormed the neighborhood.

However, just a few months on..The family faced a new death as Rabee’ Joreya in his 20’s was killed as the regime yet again stormed the neighborhood. These were the hardest 3 days Homs had faced with the regime raiding several areas leading a brutal military campaign.

Rabee’ died…His funeral took place…However the regime did not end there..As the family went out to Rabee’s funeral, the regime forces opened live fire onto the 1000’s of mourners. This led to the death of his mother Dalal Alkaheel and his brother Hussam Joreya – the family buried 3 instead of 1 that day.

A few months passed and another female died from the family…This time the little girl Dalal Nidal Joreya. She was the granddaughter of Dalal Alkaheel and his father was the brother of 2 martyrs. Dalal was only 3 years of age and was killed by regime fire opened from shabeeha [thugs] from pro-Assad areas.

Little Dalal was the 5th martyr of the family in months.

Now, in May, 10/05/2012, it was the turn for Fahmi Joreya [father of the family] and his son Nidal Fahmi Joreya [Dalal’s father] to join the rest of the family…They were executed in cold blood by shabeeha [thugs] …

This makes a total of 7 from the same family. 

Videos [will update as the new videos come in]

-A video of Rabee’ Joreya

– The funeral on 19/07/2011

– Regime forces opened fire onto the mourners with several injuries falling..And martyrs

– The martyr Hussam Joreya – brother of Rabee’

– The martyr Dalal Alkaheel – Mother of Hussam and Rabee’

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