We in our own hands are destroying the world.

If there’s 1 thing we should fight for with our flesh and blood, our lives our souls, our money and everything we own, it’s to protect children from any harm. I can’t believe how normal it is for people to watch the horrors Syrian children live through and suffer every hour of every day.

The Syrian revolution began with children writing anti-government slogans on a wall, the revolution is about our children being tortured and used by a government. How is it a crime to defend your child? When the fathers went to the police station and begged for their children to be released, the regime forces responded – go make more or bring your wives and we will give you more.

For anyone to still question, fight or defend such brutalities – such horrors honestly these angels who should be protected from everything, from harsh images from horrible sounds from blood and gruesome films, children who should be in a safe house with their parents learning the alphabet and painting their dreams, making mistakes and laughing as they grow older…these children across the world are not more important or special than the children of my country.

In Syria the children live the gruesome bloody films, they pick up their parents hands and toes or whatever is left of them, their hands and faces covered with blood as they try to save their younger siblings, these children are raped in front of their tied up parents and left to live the memory. These children are whipped and their nails removed for writing slogans on walls, these children are slashed through the head and left to bleed for hours as they look to their left and right seeing their parents dead beside them.

The children of Syria deserve protection, they deserve safety and immunity and shelter from such crimes, would the president of Syria allow his children to watch such scenes on TV? Of course not, but his children do not know their father is committing such massacres and crimes daily.

Every day I write so and so has been killed aged 4, aged 7 , aged 1 or a mother pregnant, her baby who has not even seen this world was killed.

If we do anything in our lives, a large part must be to protect the children, wherever they are in the world, whatever race, color or religion. Children are the future and if we allow them to be mentally and physically damaged so normally, if we brush aside such crimes on the most innocent of society, we in our own hands are destroying the world.

Rose x

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