Greater Syria

The butchery in Syria continues to take place diurnally although the United Nation’s observers are on ground. Bashar Al Assad abided by none of the factors that make up Annan’s plan, which include the unconditional release of political prisoners, the halt of violence, and the withdrawal of military equipment from residential areas. Considering the fact that +200 martyrs fell since the implementation of Annan’s plan in Syria, which began on 12th of April, unravels how much the Assad is supported by international community. 

We attempted to believe the United Nations observers’ mission and that it definitely will be much more successful than that of the Arab League. But unfortunately, the same outcome seems to be approaching. The death toll is on the rise every day. On the 12th of April, at least 17 martyrs fell in Syria. The next day, at least 27 martyrs. The one after, at least 35 fell. And…

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