Dear UN observers…Go to Homs NOW

This photo was taken in Homs today – Stood out for me as he is severely injured and still protesting despite the shelling – holding Bashar’s picture being burnt.

Alkhaldiyeh in Homs and other parts of the city are being blown to pieces right now and have been for days since the UN official observers arrived into Syria. But the UN observers have not yet made their way to any part of Homs…Because the regime keeps scaring them and preventing them. Once they say “terrorists” have planted landmines that will blow you to pieces and next they say *somehow* the “terrorist armed gangs funded by America and Saudi” will bomb the observers with their missile launchers…Right

1. I’m wondering why did these terrorists suddenly turn up when the revolutions began? Like what an amazing coincidence…

2. How can these terrorist groups be bringing in mass tanks and missile launchers with no borders or security or army spotting them? Such a great army cannot stop these weapons being brought in, really?

3. Why has such a great regime not been able to crackdown on these terrorists after a year? The terrorists who come out holding banners saying “get out Assad” .. yes

Anyway – So we finally, after over 400 days of bloodshed + regime lies that no one is protesting it’s all terrorists, the official UN observers have arrived into Syria, and they still don’t want to see what has happened to my city? And is still happening?

They’re no longer even trying to hide the truth – If you’re scared for your own 1 life with your bulletproof cars and vests, well we lost our families and friends and homes and schools and mosques and churches who were all open to the shelling day and night, and still are.

Thank you for giving the Assad regime more time. The Syrian revolution is an orphaned revolution, we only have God.

Some videos of what they are trying to avoid safely in other areas – this is just today in 1 city that is under such an extreme siege with families trapped.

Shelling on Alkhaldiyeh:

As homes get hit:

Old Homs:



Alhooleh – Shelling of a mosque has people prayed inside

Rose x

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