Complete siege and shelling of Jobar and Alsultaniyeh 18/04/2012


The shelling continues despite a lack of communication and coverage in the following areas.

|| Homs || Jobar and Alsultaniyeh ||

For the 7th day running, the shelling has resumed from 8am this morning with a use of missiles and mortar shells. The indiscriminate shelling has targeted homes as well as shops.

4 martyrs have been confirmed so far:

1. Tarad Alsalal
2. Iyad Alsarhan
3. A young man from Raslan family
4. Fatima Hamdoosh

Not 1 day passes without at least 10 injuries. The medical resources are very limited and we repeat once again there is not a single Doctor inside to treat the injuries.

The civilians are now dependent on one another to treat injuries with basic first aid that they have learnt over the past months as attacks continued.

The critical injuries are being smuggled out of the area though they are under threat of missile attacks and sniper shots, but it is an attempt to try save their lives.

The media office in Baba Amr is trying its best to cover what is taking place in its suburbs. This is proving extremely difficult.

Some members of the Baba Amr revolutionary brigade (who have stopped all attacks on regime forces in accordance with the Kofi Annan initiative and also following the rules set by the leaders of the Free Syrian Army) are helping smuggle the injured out of Jobar and Alsultaniyeh. The brigade has taken charge in removing the critical injuries from the villages and also are working with the media office in Baba Amr to cover events in the suburbs.

The only video received for today so far:

Jobar: An injury and a child martyr after shelling 18/04/2012

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