A translated report about the martyred activist and cameraman Ahmad Abdallah Abdallah.

A translated report about the martyred activist Ahmad Abdallah Abdallah – Aldumayr 14/04/2012

Damascus suburbs: Aldumayr |Saturday 14-04-2012|

The city was raided by Assads forces accompanied by tanks and army transporters from the early morning to carry out their vast arrests in the western area “Harat Albalad” and the northern area “Altalah Walarab”.

The brave activist Ahmad Abdallah Abdallah, who is single and 35 years of age, went out as usual to find and film only the Assad thugs with his weapon, yes with his camera, to expose them, their crimes and their brutality that has exceeded anything before. He worked hard to document them breaking Annan’s peace plan with videos and photos and to expose the lies of this regime. He documented how they broke the treaties they made and the promises we have given up on.

However the regime forces were not satisfied with all the killing and so to show their power they targeted the car in which Ahmad was in with two others. They opened heavy gunfire and as a result a martyr fell, drenched in his blood, after 13 months of sacrifice. He spent most of it traveling between the fields and escaping from one house to another until he went to meet his God.

You deserve martyrdom and your soul will live forever in peace and we will continue your journey.

Pictures of the martyr before he died:

Other photos of the martyr

Photos of the martyr after he died

Aldumayr: A sketch about voting on the constitution- the activist Ahmad Abdallah Abdallah

Some of the ideas and doings of the activist Ahmad Abdallah Abdallah with his voice and picture

This was filmed by Ahmad on Friday 13/04/2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWJE3B2DXmo&feature=colike

A call for help from Aldumayr city

The sketch- There is no one left but me Oh Allah- The activist Ahmad Abdallah

The martyr Ahmad Abdullah Abdullah Aldumayr city 14-04-2012

Aldumayr- the funeral of the activist Ahmad Abdullah 14-04-2012

Revolutionary songs in Aldumayr for the martyr Ahmad Abdallah

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