A translated report about the martyred activist and cameraman Sameer Shalab Alshaam

A translated report about the martyred activist and cameraman Sameer Shalab Alshaam

Sameer Shalab Alshaam – Homs 14/04/2012

He was a young man from Homs, living in the neighborhood of Bab Sba’ and married with 2 children. He worked with his father and was from the first to come out in protests since the start of the revolution. He began documenting and filming protests on his mobile camera and tried to catch the shabeeha [thugs] and Assad forces as their opened fire onto protesters. He was extremely brave and would remain in the protesting squares even after all had fled the attacks to film and document the injuries and martyrs, also to help rush those injured to the hospitals.

Ge then managed to get himself a personal camera which he died on 14th April 2012 holding. He would find the Assad regime tanks and armoured vehicles wherever they were to document them committing crimes against humanity and violating citizen rights.

Sameer was distant from his family to focus on exposing the truth inside Syria, he was found wherever there was a crime or violation or any event linked to the revolution. He didn’t stop at just filming, he used to travel from house to house to document the names of martyrs and prisoners as well as providing aid to suffering families [food, medicines etc.]

He played a major role in the Bab Sba; report handed to the Arab LEague observers. He was humble, loved between people, well mannered and known as the smiling one.

A shell from an armoured vehicle targeted him today in Homs as he was filming the regime violations of the Kofi Annan ceasefire agreement.

This is the final video he filmed before passing away.

Homs: Alqarabees: Intense shelling as homes set alight 14/04/2012

The following are videos taken on Sameer’s personal camera by him:

The activist Omar Tilawi with Sameer’s body. 14/04/2012

Activist Abo Anas and Omar Tilawi bid Sameer’s body farewell 14/04/2012

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