Two cameramen killed in Syria today as the Assad regime continues to attack civilians – 14/04/2012

Two cameramen, citizen journalists inside Syria, were killed today by the Assad regime forces. These men risked their life many times to allow the international world to become aware of the crimes being committed by the Syrian regime inside Syria where foreign media is prohibited. 
The Syrian regime continues to attack civilians – 14/04/2012
The cameraman Sameer Shalab Alshaam – Abo Mohamad, known as “The reporter Abo Layla” was killed today aged 26. He was from Bab Sba’ and was killed as he made his way to film the missile and mortar shelling on Alqarabees and Joret Alshayah. He was hit with bomb shrapnels near the National Hospital and died after half an hour as no one could reach him due to regime forces opening gunfire and machine guns onto those trying to save him. The people managed to pull his body using a metal pipe. His funeral is taking place now.
The activist Omar Tilawi with Sameer’s body. 14/04/2012
Activist Abo Anas and Omar Tilawi bid Sameer’s body farewell 14/04/2012
Damascus suburbs: Aldumeir: 
The regime forces backed with tanks and army vehicles entered Aldumeir today raiding homes and arresting many. A cameraman named Ahmad Abdullah Al-Abdullah was filming the raiding campaign to upload them for the media to know and see what was taking place on the ground inside Syria. He was killed by regime fire.
The video shows the martyr, Ahmad Abdullah Al-Abdullah from Aldumeir in Damascus 14/04/2012
His funeral in Aldumeir 14/04/2012

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