New kinds of weapons [TBC] used on Alrastan in Homs, Syria 11/04/2012

Alrastan Coordination || Summary of events including videos 11/04/2012

Any medical help please do get in touch – This is a message shared by the coordination:

Names of those martyred today:

-Fayez Alhaj Yousef
-Abdulbaset Alhaj Yousef
-Suaad Alhaj Yousef
-Maryam Qasem Aldaali
-Nihad Aldali
-Lama Mohamad Ezzaldeen
-Sameer Khaled Alzoubi
-Aisha Ameen Al-Ahmad
-2 martyrs unidentified due to severity of mutilation / Burnt with chemical weapons

**There are also critical injuries who were sent out of Alrastan as the field hospital could not cope especially as the medical team is so small and the type of burns was new. They were between life and death.

**New shells fell onto the city today leading to 10 deaths and dozens of injuries most of whom were in a critical situation due to shelling and burns.

**The Assad militia tried to enter the area of Alrastan from the norther entrance. They shelled the area forcing the Free Syrian Army to protect the people.

**The missile and tank shelling resumed from midday leading to dozens of injuries.




Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – A child who suffered the chemical bomb attack

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – Children suffer at the hands of Assad forces – Chemical weapons

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – A child injured by the new chemical weapons used on the area. His mother cries for him

A little girl screams of pain due to burns sustained from strange weapons on Alrastan – Homs 11//04/2012

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – The house where the massacre took place

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – An injury due to sniper shots

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – Colonel Iyad Aldeik

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – An injury due to a sniper shot 18+

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – The shelling resumes and intensifies

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – Tanks spread on the Homs-Aleppo highway

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – A painful new massacre using the strange weapons seen today

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – The shells rain onto the city

Alrastan: 11/04/2012 – A new massacre

The massacre in Alrastan in:

English :

Italian :

Alrastan: 10/04/2012 – Injuries arrive at the field hospital

Alrastan – 10/04/2012 An injury due to tank shelling

Alrastan – 10/04/2012 – The house of colonel Iyad Aldeik

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