Happy easter to the Christians of Syria.

Happy easter to the Christians of Syria.

[Photo taken today, Easter, in Syria, as they cover their faces not to be tracked by regime and light candles under the independence flag with a moon and cross]The Assad regime killed over 200 on the 1st night of the holy month of Ramadan in one city, dozens more across.

The Assad regime bombed homes and starved civilians through the holy month of Ramadan and on Eid.

The Assad regime bombed from planes and tanks and missile launchers the civilians of Syria on the holy Christian holiday – Easter today. Starving civilians and raping women and torturing men.

I look at the UK where all my rights are respected as a human being, as a Muslim and as a female.

A country not my own respects me and my rights, yet my own government has:

-Killed over 12706 people from them 793 women and over 882 children [those documented, thousands more in mass graves and hospitals dead]

– Caused over 170 000 to flee across to Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, the Gulf, Europe and USA.

– Abducted over 24 000 at minimum who are missing till this day [we can consider them never to be found again or found in mass graves a few years down the line]

– Caused 350 000 at minimum to be internally displaced, homeless and susceptible to rape, shelling and starvation.

– Killed [documented] 498 men, women and children – returned by the government dead under torture.

– Executed [documented] 1021 soldiers for refusing to shoot/bomb civilians.

These are the simple facts, if only I could sit and write everything…Syrians are writing history…And the silence of the world will never be forgotten.

Rose x

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