Another hero of this revolution, killed. Dr Khaldoon from Homs

A report on the brave martyr, Dr Khaldoon Alsawah known as Abo Hasaan. A doctor in the Alkhaldiyeh field hospital – Homs [died on 05/04/2012]

[Translation of a piece his friend wrote about him in Arabic]

Dr Khaldoon Alsawah, known as “Abo Hasaan Alhomsi” was martyred on Thursday 5th April 2012. He was a doctor in a field hospital in Homs and was killed during gunfire on the neighborhood. Abo Hasaan’s voice became famous before anyone knew his face. His voice was the one heard speaking to an injured child in Alrastan – she was afraid and he was comforting her, she said she wanted a medicine tasting of lemon and he made jokes with her to soothe her worries and pains.

Dr Hasaan appeared several times on Aljazeera and Alarabiya to speak about the medical situation in Homs especially in field hospitals.

His interview earlier in the month on Alarabiya with his face explaining the horrific massacre in Karam Alzaytoon and the cases of rape

He was married with a little girl called Alma. He always told those around him to take care of her while he operated on injuries under extreme shelling. Despite all his efforts he did not have satellite internet so he could not show the world a live feed of the operations and how they were done, and speaking regularly and easily with channels via skype was limited due to this. His friends said 1 thing: “He died with one sadness in his heart, he wanted satellite internet”

Dr Abo Hasaan is seen here on the sofa on the far right with Abo Salah and Alsaroot in an evening to remember the 1 year anniversary of the Syrian revolution.

An operation by the Dr in Alrastan using simple medical equipment, the Dr explains the lack of aid 18+

Dr Hasaan asks for help while treating an injury.


Photos of the martyr:

Videos of the martyr, in Alkhaldiyeh:

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